Your Privacy Matters

It is our deeply engrained responsibility to have everyone that interacts with us to feel special; their ideas are clearly understood and important to us. Our processes must breed confidence and help you reach that inner most sense of satisfaction and peace. This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it.

As a company that deals in a wide range of software products, asset tracking, and customized solutions, we collect different forms of information for different products or services.

  1. Car / Asset Tracking
    • Registration : To create an account you provide data including your name, email address and mobile number, and a password. With this info you have access to tracking information from our servers sent by  the GPS device placed in your car, motorbike or any other asset.
  2. Websites /  Mobile applications and customized solutions
    • Maintenance : For customers who do not have the expertise to perform regular maintenance for whatever software service being provided by Tracenode, we offer to keep their software products updated with the current trends and information. Customers agree to the terms and conditions, where they grant us access to their information. This information may include,usernames, passwords, social media access, email ids, to mention but a few.


  1. Car / Asset tracking
    • Account Monitoring : The information we collect when you subscribe for our tracking services is used to monitor and improve services tailored to your particular needs. We take into consideration driving patterns, speed limits, geo monitors in order to improve your user experience
  2. Customized solutions
    • This caters for Website login credentials and customized solutions updates. Usually for cases where the client can not fully maintain there product on their own, we offer a premium service where we do the maintenance for the client. In order to do this , client information such as user login credentials are used.

For every time a user visits our websites, cookie data is saved on their local / client browser. We use this information to know what our target market wants and what they do when they visit our website. This information helps us to know which services we can improve upon and how we can serve you better

All the information we collect is not shared with any third party.

Tracenode privacy policy