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You may always check your lock when you park your car on the streets or religiously look for safe secured buildings. But statistics show that every 45 seconds, a car is stolen somewhere in the world. In Uganda an average of five cars stolen in the country daily, three are from Kampala Metropolitan area, according to police reports.

No one wants to be part of this statistic, here are some tips that can protect your vehicle from thieves.

1. Basic Common Sense

Many Ugandans are losing vehicles to thieves, the issue reaching fever pitch countrywide and most victims never recover their cars according to a recently published article in the daily monitor.

The problem has grown 35 percent over the last few years though some cases are as a result of petty mistakes like leaving your keys in the car or the door. This type of auto theft can be avoided by simply by locking up and taking your keys with you.

These thefts where observed to be rampant during the holiday season and the months of November and December . Also remember to be careful when shopping or simply warming up the car this holiday season.

2. Ensure your vehicle has VIN Etching

Etching your vehicle identification number (VIN) into all windows can help keep car thieves away. You may be asking what is a VIN? Every vehicle has a VIN and identifies a car,no two numbers are alike. Police use this number to verify whether a vehicle has been stolen. Usually the VIN is located on the lower left side of dashboard.

3. Take Extra Precautions With These Vehicles

Drive a Toyota? Keep an eye out for thieves. Toyota took the top spots for car thefts in 2016, according to a police report.

According to the report, these were the top 10 most stolen vehicles for 2016:

  1. Premio
  2. Spacio
  3. Mark II
  4. Raum
  5. Probox
  6. Noah
  7. Vitz
  8. Nissan Altima
  9. Toyota Prado
  10. Mercedes Benz

4. Hide Your Valuables

Sometimes it’s not what you drive, but what you have inside that grabs a thief’s attention. Leaving anything of value visible in your car can create a crime of opportunity. An expensive item — whether it’s an electronic gadget or a seat full of Christmas gifts — can be what entices a car thief.

A thief might take your car for a joy ride, use the vehicle to commit another crime or sell off the car. Don’t stash expensive belongings in your vehicle. That’s like dangling candy in front of a kid. At the very least, hide valuables from view until they can be removed.

5. Give your vehicle a fighting chance with Anti-Theft System

Vehicle anti-theft devices which include alarm systems and tracking systems can be a very good solution for both preventive and preemptive solutions and can be a car owner’s best defense against theft. Many car insurers give discounts if you have these systems installed.

Unlike a car alarm, on the market there are immobilizing devices that make a vehicle inoperable once the thief breaks in. Such devices include kill switches that shut off the engine, fuel cutoffs and “smart key” fobs that only start the car if you have it.

Another good option is installing a tracking system that helps you pinpoint your car’s location, current state and notifications in case of anomalies. Although these devices are designed to alert you in real time they can be used to help police recover your vehicle and stop a thief from even trying to break in.

6. Strategic parking

It’s mother nature for the lion to look for the easiest buffalo to attack. Thieves are no different, they want to get in and out without being detected. Park somewhere visible, especially at night. It may seem like common sense to park in a deserted ally but you are playing right into the lions den.

At home parking in the garage is better than outside and avoid isolated spots.

And don’t forget if you ABSOLUTELY MUST park on the street and you are on an incline, turn your wheels sideways and lock the steering wheel of your car. Car thieves love to try to tow away cars, so make it hard for them.

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